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Black Struggle

I Really Want to, But I Can’t Entirely Support the Walkouts.

Thousands of youth walked out to support gun control legislation. While I applaud their courage and mobilization, I can't support gun control.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

March 15, 2018

Mumia Faces Health Struggles. Free Mumia!

Photo credits: Johanna Fernandez Since 1982, former Black Panther and radical radio journalist Mumia Abu Jamal has been held (mostly in solitary confinement) in the State of Pennsylvania. There exists a wide array of discourse on Mumia’s case in both literary and visual form(1). A recent article written for workers.org details a visit by Joe […]

Michael Gottlieb

March 13, 2018

Activists Face Jail Time for Protesting Police Brutality at Gay Pride Parade

Activists face jail time for protesting police violence at gay pride.

Left Voice

March 12, 2018

What’s Behind America’s Gun Violence Problem?

As Marxists, what can we make from America's gun violence problem? Should we support calls for gun control?

Thaddeus Greene

February 25, 2018

Real Superheroes! Support Black Panther Political Prisoners

With all the excitement around the upcoming Black Panther film, we’d like to acknowledge the real Black Panthers.

Left Voice

February 8, 2018

Revolution and Black Struggle: Marxism as a Weapon Against Racism and Capitalism

How can Marxism be used to fight the interconnected systems of racism and capitalism?

Marcello Pablito

February 1, 2018

Quilombo Vermelho: Black Revolutionary Marxist Group in Brazil

Over 400 Brazilians came together to create "Quilombo Vermelho"-- a Black Revolutionary Marxist group.

Esquerda Diário

December 27, 2017

Left Voice joins the Afro-Socialist Coalition at Taste of Soul LA

This year, among the festivities as well as corporate sponsors, the Afro Socialist Coalition, made up of DSA-LA, Left Voice, The Undercommons and the Los Angeles Black Workers Center, will table at the event bringing socialist politics to A Taste of Soul.

Julia Wallace

October 18, 2017

How to Get Away With Murder: Another Cop Kills and is Set Free in St Louis

A former police officer is acquitted in the 2011 killing of Anthony Lamar Smith, a Black man. Thousands took to the streets in St. Louis.

Eric R.

September 17, 2017