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[Video] Vote No to the PSC-CUNY Contract

The offer by CUNY management means more austerity for CUNY employees and a worse education for our students. Say No to this contract. CUNY adjuncts, HEOs, CLTs and full-timers deserve much better.

Luigi Morris

November 7, 2019

[Video] #Climatestrike NYC: The Youth Rise up in the Heart of Capitalism

Lower Manhattan, around Wall Street, is probably the place with the greatest concentration of capitalists in the whole world. On Friday, up to 250,000 youth rocked the narrow city streets lined with skyscrapers. The New York City climate strike demanded immediate action against climate change.

Left Voice

September 29, 2019

Insurance Companies Are Bad for Our Health: A Case for Medicare for All

We need free, universal, comprehensive health care in the US. The first step is to eliminate health insurance companies, which all put profits over patients.

Left Voice

September 24, 2019

[VIDEO] The Militant Origins of International Workers’ Day

The first May Day was established in response to a momentous workers’ struggle which took place in Chicago in 1886. The historical events that day lead to the creation of a unified day of action when workers join together against capitalist exploitation. What happened that May first, 1886?

Luigi Morris

May 1, 2019

[VIDEO] Inglewood: Tenants Battle the Mayor and Developers for Rent Control

"Always Up to No Good" The Mayor, Developers and landlords are raising rents in Inglewood to move poor, elderly Black and Latino people out of Inglewood. However, a group of residents, activists, socialists and journalists are fighting for rent control and affordable housing.

Luigi Morris

April 27, 2019

[VIDEO] Venezuela and the Double Standard of U.S. Foreign Policy

The United States justifies its intervention in Venezuela by claiming that it is fighting for democracy against a dictatorial regime, but the country has a long history of imposing and upholding authoritarian governments around the world.

Luigi Morris

March 4, 2019

[VIDEO] The Revolutionary Life of Lucy Parsons

Radical labor activist and anarchist Lucy Parsons fought fiercely for a future in which workers would free themselves from the yoke of capitalism. She was a formidable orator and agitator who dedicated her long and complicated life to improving working conditions and organizing workers against their oppressors.

Luigi Morris

February 27, 2019

[VIDEO] The Maquila Strike in Matamoros Challenges US Multinationals

More than seventy thousand maquila workers in northern Mexico are striking against poverty wages.

Jimena Vergara

January 23, 2019

[VIDEO] Interviews: L.A. Teachers Strike

Left Voice interviewed LA teachers in the lead up to the strike. They spoke about the attack on higher education, de facto pay cuts, social justice, and the importance of labor solidarity.

Left Voice

January 14, 2019