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Breonna Taylor

Louisville Court Rules That Breonna Taylor’s Life Doesn’t Matter

A grand jury in Louisville has let Breonna Taylor’s murderers walk free. Only one cop has been charged with anything at all, and only for shooting stray bullets into neighboring apartments. This shows, once again, that to the courts, the cops, and the entire capitalist class, Black Lives Do Not Matter.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

September 23, 2020

Louisville Police Are Restricting Breonna Taylor Protesters’ Right to Protest

In Louisville, where Breonna Taylor was murdered, police are repressing BLM protests by deeming them illegal. These restrictions are undemocratic and are a desperate act of the racist, capitalist state.

Carmin Maffea

August 13, 2020

87 People Face Felony Charges for a Sit-In for Breonna Taylor While Her Killers Remain Free

On Tuesday, 87 protesters in Louisville, Kentucky were arrested after a demonstration outside the Kentucky Attorney General’s house to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Meanwhile, none of the cops who murdered Taylor have been arrested.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

July 16, 2020

Why Is the City Still Protecting the Cops Who Murdered Breonna Taylor?

Breonna Taylor was murdered by three police in her own apartment. The announcement that one of them will be fired shows authorities feel some pressure from the tens of thousands of people demanding justice. But none of them have been arrested for the murder they committed. 

Daniel Nath

June 27, 2020

Louisville PD is Trying to Cover up Breonna Taylor’s Murder. Don’t Let Them.

The Louisville Metro Police Department has released the incident report from the night of Breonna Taylor’s death. One problem: it’s essentially blank. The attempted cover-up of the case illustrates the “systemic” in systemic racism and the complicity of everyone in the criminal justice system.

Olivia Wood

June 12, 2020

Police Shot Breonna Taylor in Her Bed — Then They Arrested Her Partner

Police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, murdered Breonna Taylor after bursting into her apartment as she slept and opening fire. Then her partner was arrested for attempted murder after he defended himself from an unannounced home invasion by the Louisville PD.

Sybil Davis

May 25, 2020