Civil Rights Movement

North Carolina Protests Continue State’s Civil Rights Legacy

In the 1960s, North Carolina was the birthplace of the sit-in movement and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Now, protesters in cities across the state are continuing this civil rights legacy by fighting against systemic racism and police violence after the brutal murder of George Floyd. This article looks at the protests of three North Carolina cities, in the ‘60s and in 2020.

Nina Simone: Portrait of a Revolutionary Artist

Nina Simone took the world of her experience, the hatred and anger of a lifetime of racial and sexual violence, and transformed it into a weapon to defend and uplift Black Americans. 

Beyond Vietnam: MLK’s Lessons on US Imperialism

In honor of this year’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day, Left Voice takes a look at one of King’s lesser-known speeches and the lessons it can offer us for our current political situation in 2020.