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Ecuador: Down with the IMF and the Moreno Austerity Plan!

Prepare the general strike to remove the government and set a way forward for the population of workers, peasants, and indigenous peoples! In the face of the political and social crisis in Ecuador, only the workers, the indigenous people, and the poor can provide a progressive solution.

General Strike Against the IMF Shuts Down Ecuador

On Wednesday, thousands of people across Ecuador took to the streets and walked out of their workplaces on the seventh day of a national uprising against the austerity policies of President Lenín Moreno and the IMF. The national strike was coordinated by indigenous groups in conjunction with Ecuador’s biggest trade unions and the student movement, and was heavily repressed by military and police forces.

Madeleine Freeman

October 10, 2019

Ecuadorians Prepare for a National Strike as President Lenín Moreno Flees the Capital

As protests and military repression continue in Ecuador this week, the army threw all journalists out of the government palace. On Monday night, President Lenín Moreno fled the capital and announced the transfer of the seat of the government from Quito to Guayaquil. Now workers, indigenous communities, and students are gearing up for national strike.

Diego Dalai

October 9, 2019