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Emmanuel Macron

Macron Is a Tyrant: Don’t Let Him Fool You

French president Emmanuel Macron has been praised for his response to the explosion in Beirut. But his violently anti-worker actions in France tell us what kind of leader he is.

Samuel Karlin

August 19, 2020

What Are the Prospects of the Popular Uprising in Lebanon?

On Monday, the Lebanese government resigned after coming under pressure from protesters who took over several ministries the weekend before. France’s Macron and other imperial powers are now trying to save the Lebanese regime by offering millions of euros.

Wadii Adi

August 15, 2020

Understanding the European Union’s 750 Billion Euro Covid-19 Stimulus Package

The leaders of the European Union just announced a 750 billion euro fund (US$857 billion) for post-Covid "reconstruction." What does the plan involve and who will ultimately pay for it?


July 23, 2020

Macron Celebrates Bastille Day by Teargassing Healthcare Workers in Paris

On July 14, France celebrates Bastille Day. This year, healthcare workers planned mobilizations throughout the country. In Paris, Macron's police welcomed protesters with tear gas and repression.

The French State Fears Massive Social Explosion as a Result of COVID-19

The many repressive and secretive measures taken by France’s government to combat the pandemic have only exacerbated the social and political crisis that saw the rise of the Yellow Vests in 2018 and the general strike against pension reforms in 2019. The ruling class’s inability to respond to the present crisis opens a door for workers and oppressed people in France to seize upon their rage and put forward their own solutions.

Juan Chingo

April 14, 2020

Self Organization: How French Rank-and-File Workers Have Circumvented Bureaucratic Leaders to Continue the Strikes

After more than 50 days of strikes in France against the Macron government, workers from the state train company SNCF and the Paris public transport company RATP formed their own Coordinating Committee. This is an example of self-organization and workers’ democracy that is relevant for the entire working class.

Daniela Cobet

February 17, 2020

Protesters in Mali Demand the Departure of French Troops

In mid-January, as workers in France took to the streets against Macron’s pension reform, French flags burned on the streets of Bamako, Mali to repudiate the presence of French troops. The country is faced with a humanitarian crisis as violence spirals since France first intervened in 2013, supposedly to fight the rise of Islamic terrorist groups.

Salvador Soler

January 28, 2020

France: The Strike Is Here to Stay!

Lawyers are throwing their robes at the feet of the Justice Minister. Workers in the Louvre shut down the world’s largest art museum. Firefighters are hosing down government buildings. The working class is in an uproar against Macron’s attacks on retirement benefits and they will not back down.

Madeleine Freeman

January 22, 2020

Rank-and-File Workers in France Organize to Continue the Strike — Interview with Daniela Cobet

France is experiencing the longest strike since 1968. The union bureaucracies are trying to end the strike — but rank-and-file workers are getting organized, with the support of revolutionaries. Our sister site in Argentina spoke with Daniela Cobet, a leader of the Revolutionary Communist Current (CCR) in France.

Left Voice

January 22, 2020