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President Gas: Trump Rolls Back Rules on Methane Use

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency is using pandemic-related public safety concerns as a smokescreen to roll back environmental protections, including Obama-era regulations on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. 

Rebecca Margolies

August 22, 2020

Hondurans Demand Answers after Abduction of Land Defenders

The kidnapping of four indigenous community leaders and activists by police in Honduras has sparked nationwide protests demanding answers for their disappearance. The murder and abduction of indigenous land defenders in Honduras has increased dramatically in recent years, especially since the U.S.-backed coup of 2009.

Victoria Meza

July 31, 2020

Ecocide and the Coronavirus: How the Capitalist Mode of Production Makes Pandemics Inevitable

The capitalist mode of production has proven itself fatal for nature and humanity. The most recent manifestation of this is the global spread of the coronavirus. As socialists, how can we confront these problems in a way that will be both sustainable for the environment and for human life?

Allison Noel

April 30, 2020

Fighting the Plagues of Locusts and COVID-19

Rampant climate change and Covid-19 restrictions have led to one of the worst locust swarms in decades. From East Africa to The Middle East, millions of people face food shortages and economic catastrophe.

James Dennis Hoff

April 18, 2020

Against “Green Capitalism”: The Environmental Struggle Must Be Anti-Capitalist and Revolutionary

“Green capitalism” is a reactionary illusion, and a radical and revolutionary response is urgently needed, both politically and ideologically. Disaster can be avoided, but only if there is a profound and complete change from production based on profits to production according to needs.

Julian Valdis

March 22, 2020

Climate Catastrophe and Socialist Strategy

Imperialist-era capitalism has created a climate emergency. The ecological Left needs to develop and put forward a socialist program as the only response capable of staving off the catastrophe.

Diego Lotito

March 8, 2020

Why Socialists Must Defend Wet’suwet’en

Large areas of Canada are being brought to a halt by Indigenous people and their allies across the continent. They are organizing against the construction of a liquid natural gas pipeline through Wet’suwet’en territory. This struggle serves as an example of the possibilities of Indigenous and non-Indigenous worker solidarity, and an object lesson in why socialists should support such efforts across the world.

Rebecca Margolies

March 4, 2020

Two Mexican Environmental Activists Have Been Assassinated. The State is Responsible.

Less than a week after Homero Gómez Gonzalez, an eminent environmentalist, was drowned in Mexico, another activist, Raúl Hernandez, was found dead at the top of a hill. The Mexican authorities claim there is no connection between their deaths, but the link is clear: both activists fought to protect the environment and its inhabitants against the threat of capitalist logging interests.

Carmin Maffea

February 4, 2020

Amazon’s Green Capitalism Is a Cruel Joke

Megacorporations like Amazon are racing to rebrand themselves as leaders in environmental sustainability. But capitalism is a system that is inherently dirty and unsustainable.

Robert Belano

January 15, 2020