National Guard members outside the U.S. Capitol

The Capitol Takeover Has Triggered a Crackdown We Should All Fear

The end of the Trump Administration has set the entire political spectrum ablaze in a flurry of responses ranging from desperate outrage to relief to gloating consolidation. The events of January 6th are an external expression of a subterranean churn that will continue to make itself felt long after the transfer of power to the resurgent neoliberal center. What should we expect? Nobody can say — but we can examine the forces at play and the verdict of history on their political precursors.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is interviewed on the ABC News program "This Week

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls the Capitol the “Citadel of Democracy”

While speaking out against the ultra-right white supremacist mob that stormed the Capitol last week, AOC referred to the Capitol as the “citadel of democracy.” Organizing and speaking out against the right should not mean glorifying the imperialist, capitalist U.S. Capitol and what takes place within its walls. 

A painting by Alessandro Bruschetti, from 1935, titled "Sintesi Fascista," which means "Fascist Synthesis" in Italian.

What Is Fascism?

The violent far-right assault on the Capitol on Wednesday has raised the specter of fascism. But what is meant by that term? Marxism provides the answer.