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Friedrich Engels

What to Read on Engels’ 201st Birthday

November 28, 2021 marks Engels' 201st birthday. What should you read?

Left Voice

November 28, 2020

Engels, Working Women, and Socialist Feminism

Engels' sharp critique of the patriarchal family and the institution of marriage remains extremely powerful today. As part of his legacy to socialist feminism, he elevated the problem of the oppression of women to the theoretical level of social production, as part of the core concerns of Marxism.

Josefina L. Martínez

November 28, 2020

Engels Still Lives at 200

Today marks 200 years since the birth of Friedrich Engels, the revolutionary leader who, side by side with Marx, elaborated a good part of what we know today as the theoretical bases of Marxism and built the first international organizations of “insurrectionist wage slaves” who adopted communism as the name for their objective.

Ariane Diaz

November 28, 2020

Marx and the Communist Enlightenment

Marxism is the completion of the Radical Enlightenment project.

Doug Enaa Greene

August 2, 2020