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Hillary Clinton

From Farce to Tragedy: Žižek Endorses Trump

In an interview published yesterday the famous philosopher, and Left Forum keynote speaker, Slavoj Zizek seriously (and not merely ironically, as he has done before) declared that if he was voting in the American elections he would vote for Trump.

Ian Steinman

November 4, 2016

Hillary on Thin Ice

The FBI’s reopened investigation and the Podesta emails introduce unstable ground for Hillary Clinton just days before the elections.

Juan C

November 4, 2016

We Don’t Subscribe to Reforming the Police

In this series, Left Voice amplifies the voices of candidates who have undertaken the bold task of running as socialists. This time we interviewed vice-presidential candidate for Workers' World Party, Lamont Lilly.

Lamont Lilly

October 27, 2016

The Bankruptcy of Lesser Evilism

Voting for Hillary Clinton as the lesser evil will not defeat the reactionary movement Trump represents. It will only channel discontent away from the streets, hinder the development of a working-class alternative, and put faith in a leader diametrically opposed to our interests.

Robert Belano

October 24, 2016

#NotWithThem at “The Solution is Socialism” Conference

Participants in Youth for Socialist Action's conference reject both Clinton and Trump.

Left Voice

October 24, 2016

Why We Are #NotWithThem

People share why they are #NotWithThem: against both Clinton and Trump. Send Left Voice your own #NotWithThem picture!

Left Voice

October 21, 2016

How to Fight for Women’s Rights in the Age of Trumpism

After the shocking tape discussing sexual assault, how can women fight against Trump’s misogyny? Hillary is no alternative, with her imperialist policies abroad and a history of hurting working women in the US. Last week’s examples from Argentina and Poland show women a way forward in the fight against misogyny and for our rights.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

October 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s New Cold War

With Donald Trump’s campaign in shambles, Hillary Clinton is racing toward the Presidency. But her rhetoric contains a danger of deepening hostility toward Russia and dangerous saber-rattling over the Middle East.

Wayne Deluca

October 12, 2016

VIDEO: Thousands Reject Hillary at the DNC

Thousands Reject Hillary at the DNC – YouTube

Left Voice

August 1, 2016