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Open the Borders for the Migrant Caravan

About 10,000 people are in transit from the south of Mexico. They are fleeing poverty and violence in their countries of origin to try to reach the United States, while Trump continues to spout xenophobic threats, and face deportation and repression by the Central American and Mexican governments. We must reach out in solidarity to our migrant brothers.

Left Voice

November 5, 2018

Honduran Government Covers Up Murder of Two Student Protesters by State Agents

The slaying of two students is, unfortunately, not an extraordinary event in Honduras.

Victoria Meza

September 11, 2018

What’s Going on in Honduras?

Tensions in Honduras have reached a boiling point after the November 26 presidential elections. The Central American nation is now in the midst of its biggest political crisis since the U.S.-sponsored coup d'état in 2009.

Ximena Goldman

December 6, 2017