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Japan’s Latest Election Brings the Country Closer to Rearmament

Parliamentary elections in Japan resulted in a victory for politicians who support advancing Japan’s military power and U.S. imperialism’s interests. The U.S. working class must back the country’s dynamic opposition to rearmament.

Samuel Karlin

July 15, 2022

Japanese Residents Demand a Ban on U.S. Military Noise Pollution

A group of plaintiffs in the Japanese city of Iwakuni is ready to launch a lawsuit to ban flights from a local U.S. military base.

Samuel Karlin

May 9, 2022

U.S. Marines Dump Waste in Okinawa’s Sewage System

The U.S. military has once again shown its total disregard for the people of Okinawa, whose land it occupies. Close all U.S. bases!

Samuel Karlin

August 28, 2021

For a Workers’ Olympics!

The Tokyo Olympics are an opportunity for athletes to demonstrate the pinnacles of physical accomplishment and show the best and worst of sports, but the games are controlled by a shady clique of capitalists and aristocrats. What could an alternative look like? Let’s check out the old Workers’ Olympiads.

Nathaniel Flakin

July 22, 2021

Indigenous Okinawans are Fighting U.S. Imperialism

Protesters on the occupied island of Okinawa have turned out to oppose the Japanese-backed construction of a U.S. military base that threatens the environment.

Samuel Karlin

March 27, 2021

The Roots of Japan’s Crisis

Today, Japan is passing through an era known as the Heisei period, which has defined the country since 1989. Most Japanese people consider the Heisei period a time of hardship, since it has been marked by drastic changes in the country’s economic, social, political and cultural structures, which have given rise to a society of […]

Alex Mann

September 28, 2018

Japan: A Right-Wing One-Party State

Since 1955, the same right wing party has ruled Japan. What is the Liberal Democratic Party and how have they governed?

Alex Mann

April 17, 2018