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Joe Biden

RNC Day 1: A Spectre is Haunting the Republican National Convention

The first day of the Republican National Convention was defined by both red-baiting and race-baiting as Republicans strengthened their appeal to the most reactionary elements of their base while also appealing to the suburban middle class.

Sybil Davis

August 25, 2020

DNC Day 4: Nothing to Offer but Empty Platitudes

The final night of the Democratic National Convention was full of platitudes about Joe Biden’s “decency,” with little to nothing in the way of concrete policies. Biden and the Democrats have nothing to offer us.

Otto Fors

August 21, 2020

DNC Day 3: Build (The Capitalist State) Back Better

The third night of the Democratic National Convention was defined by a speech from former President Obama in which he mounted a strong defense of bourgeois democracy and laid out a lesser evilism argument for voting for Joe Biden. But the solution to the problem of Donald Trump is not voting for Biden and his plan to re-legitimize capitalism, but to build a working class party of combat to fight both Republicans and Democrats in the struggle for socialism.

Sybil Davis

August 20, 2020

The Democrats and Republicans Are Racist Parties of Capital

Everyone knows that Republicans are racist. Trump certainly isn’t trying to hide it. But the reality is that Democrats and Republicans are racist parties of capital, enemies of the Black Lives Matter movement and all working class people.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

August 19, 2020

DNC Day 2: Private Healthcare, Imperialism, and Other Things the Democrats Support

On the second night of the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats relegated AOC to delivering a mandatory nomination for Bernie Sanders. The only progressive to speak tonight, she was deprived of even a real 60 second speaking slot despite the new life she has breathed into the party. Instead, the featured speakers continued to solidify the party’s rightward turn, emphasizing private healthcare and a “tough” foreign policy.

Sybil Davis

August 19, 2020

DNC Day 1: Democrats United with Cops, Capitalists, and Republicans

The first day of the 2020 Democratic National Convention featured speeches from Republicans, Bernie Sanders, and a billionaire CEO. The Democratic Party’s strategy of centering Trump and attempting to hide Biden’s lack of substance, racist record, and unadulterated defense of capital was on full display.

Sybil Davis

August 18, 2020

Five Arguments for Biden Debunked

Trump is garbage so liberals want you to “settle for Biden.” But you don’t have to! Here we debunk, from a socialist perspective, five of the most common arguments for supporting him.

Otto Fors

August 15, 2020

Trump Attacks Biden’s Racism in Hypocritical Attack Ad

In an attack ad released this week, Trump claims that, “Joe Biden has a Racism Problem.” Biden is a racist. And the ad is deeply hypocritical coming from a lifelong racist like Donald Trump.

Otto Fors

August 13, 2020

Jim Crow Joe and Kamala the Cop: Another Blue Lives Matter Ticket

Joe Biden ended months of speculation on Tuesday when he announced that Kamala Harris, the former Attorney General of California and current U.S. senator, would be his running mate. This choice is a blatant attempt to co-opt a movement against anti-Black police by nominating a Black woman who talks about racial justice. But, Harris is not only pro-cop and pro-prison. She is responsible for locking up and terrorizing communities of color.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

August 11, 2020