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Labor Movement

Democracy and Action at the Hilton Hotel

Today negotiations have begun for the first contract at the Stamford Hilton. The union goes to the negotiation table with high spirits having built an organization that has not only maintained enthusiasm throughout the hotel, but has also politicized the workplace.

Ioan Georg

February 20, 2018

United Workers at United Airlines

Over 2,700 workers seek union recognition at five different airports. The UNITE HERE campaign includes catering workers at airports in Newark, Cleveland, Houston, Denver and Honolulu.

Ioan Georg

February 16, 2018

Venezuelan Dairy Workers Jailed for Protesting

The workers have gone 20 months without a contract and are suffering illegal deductions from their paychecks and harassment by management.

Metalworkers’ Strike in Germany for Shortened Workweek

After days of historic strikes, the metalworkers' union in Germany ended its work stoppage, winning partial gains but at the expense of increased flexibility and a negotiated labor peace until 2020.

Bastian Schmidt

February 8, 2018

Argentina’s New Austerity

Recent pension cuts backed by Argentine President Mauricio Macri have elicited vigorous popular protest.

Juan C

January 10, 2018

Workers Fight for Union Jobs at Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate project in US history. Developer company Related is phasing out union jobs and trying to turn into open shop. Workers are fighting back.

Left Voice

January 6, 2018

Whose Community? A Report from Graduate Center Grounds

A report from a semester of organizing at CUNY Graduate Center.

Angela Dunne

December 22, 2017

French Hotel Workers Protest Subcontracting

French Holiday Inn workers joined workers from across Europe to protest work conditions and wages.

Alejandra Ríos

December 18, 2017

What is the Taylor Law?

The Taylor Law is perhaps best known for its no-strike clause. It is thrown around at union meetings in an attempt to strike fear into the heart of the rank and file. But what exactly is the Taylor Law? How does it work? This second article in a three-part series describes and explains the law itself. The next and last article will analyze several incidents in which the Taylor Law was challenged the outcomes of these challenges.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

December 7, 2017