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Desire, Repression, Revolution: Jean Nicolas and “The Homosexual Question”

In the 1970s, Jean Nicolas, Trotskyist militant and activist of the French Homosexual Front of Revolutionary Action, published “The Homosexual Question,” a brilliant analysis of the history of the oppression of “homosexuals” and the struggle for liberation, as connected to the struggle for socialism and new human relations.

Ana Rivera

June 15, 2019

Marx in SoHo: An Interview with Actor Bob Weick

For the last fifteen years, actor and activist Bob Weick has played Karl Marx in Howard Zinn’s Marx in SoHo for audiences around the world. Weick sat down with Left Voice to talk about his experience playing one of the greatest thinkers of all time, the resurgence of socialism in the United States today and why Marx is as relevant today as ever before.

Luigi Morris

June 9, 2019

Socialism, Universalism and Anti-Anti-Racism

Warren Montag and Joseph Serrano take a stock at the ongoing debate on anti-racism, class-wide demands and the fight for socialism.

Warren Montag

May 7, 2019

Left Voice Launches New Magazine in New York

Last Friday, Left Voice held a launch party in New York City for its fourth print issue. The event was standing room only as speakers spoke about their experiences as socialists in the class struggle, fighting the union bureaucracy and the need for the political independence of the working class.

Ezra Brain

April 10, 2019

Class, Social Movements and the Return of Marxism

In this article, the Argentinian Marxist Juan Dal Maso discusses the post-Marxist currents in Latin America and poses the challenges socialists face to articulate the class struggle and the resistance of social movements against capital.

Juan Dal Maso

April 10, 2019

Reassessing the Legacy of Louis Althusser on His 100-Year Anniversary: An Interview with Warren Montag

Louis Althusser was one of the most disputed scholars in the Marxist tradition. Condemned as a revisionist by some, celebrated as a brilliant, innovative Marxist philosopher by others, his theoretical contributions still spur interest and controversy today, almost thirty years after his death.

Juan Dal Maso

October 16, 2018

Marxism: A Method, Theory and Practice

A central question for those awakening to political life today is this: What is Marxism, and what does it mean for our political analysis and practice? To begin to answer this question, we must see Marxism not only as a theory but as a method of analysis and a political practice.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

June 29, 2018

Soviet Hegemony

Craig Brandist speaks about hegemony, the national question and colonialism in the early years of the USSR.

Craig Brandist

May 25, 2018

The Relevance of Marx at 200

Two centuries after the birth of Marx, the ideas of the German revolutionary are as important as ever.

Doug Enaa Greene

May 7, 2018