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Mauricio Macri

Macri in Government, Bosses in Power

Within days of the second round of presidential elections, Macri announced "a plan of war" with measures of which only the pace is unknown, but the depth is well understood. To take this plan forward, he chose a political staff that matches his ambition: managers and CEOs of multinationals will be taking their places in the new cabinet beginning December 10.

Juan Dal Maso

December 10, 2015

We’ll return to the streets to fight back

Left Voice presents an early analysis by Nicolás Del Caño, former presidential candidate of the Left and the Workers’ Front, on the results of the runoff elections and Mauricio Macri's win.

Nicolás del Caño

November 25, 2015

Blank Vote: ‘We prepare ourselves to resist the upcoming crisis’

The political earthquake provoked by the results of the Argentinian presidential elections on October 25th changed the national scenario. Peronism has suffered a historic defeat in Buenos Aires province with the triumph of Maria Eugenia Vidal (Buenos Aires province has been the most important region for the Peronists in the last decades, before and after the last dictatorship). The two main presidential contenders, Mauricio Macri (PRO- Cambiemos, “Let’s change”) and Daniel Scioli (FPV-official party) had a nearly equal number of votes, leaving an air of uncertainty about the result of the November 22nd run-off elections.

Gloria Grinberg

November 21, 2015

The Left Faces New Tasks as Argentine Politics Swing Right

In last Sunday’s presidential elections, the Kirchnerists, under the banner of Peronism, suffered their biggest electoral defeat of the last three decades. The political pendulum has shifted unmistakably to the right. Against this backdrop, the Left and Workers’ Front (FIT) has emerged as the only Left alternative.

Juan Cruz Ferre

October 29, 2015