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Medicare for All

The Coronavirus and the Class Struggle

The coronavirus is affecting the world economy and the health of the working class as well. In the U.S., the virus is likely to spread more quicky since working-class people cannot afford to take sick days and many avoid doctors. 

Ana Rivera

March 2, 2020

Anti-Trans Laws and the New Healthcare Dystopia

Anti-trans laws affecting healthcare have been introduced in state legislatures across the country. What does this mean for trans folks, for the fight for Medicare for All and healthcare in the U.S.?

Signý A.

February 29, 2020

How to Win Medicare for All? Call for a Nationwide Mobilization Now

A main talking point among moderate pundits is that Medicare for All is not politically feasible. A mass nationwide mobilization will show that a vast majority of people support it, and that the social force to win it is there.

Juan Cruz Ferre

February 29, 2020

Bad Medicine: Failings in Trans Healthcare

As companies broadcast hollow messages of support on Trans Remembrance Day, many working class LGBT+ people are unable to afford or access adequate healthcare due to high insurance rates and discriminatory medical practices. We need to fight for a truly universal healthcare system that prioritizes health and well-being over profit.

Signý A.

November 20, 2019

Insurance Companies Are Bad for Our Health: A Case for Medicare for All

We need free, universal, comprehensive health care in the US. The first step is to eliminate health insurance companies, which all put profits over patients.

Left Voice

September 24, 2019

Why Business Unionists Don’t Support Medicare for All

Major business unions are revealing their real motives by either being against Medicare for All plans or supporting health care plans that still enable private insurers. These stances promote the preservation of the unions themselves, to the detriment of the working class as a whole. Workers must organize against their union bureaucracies and force their unions to adopt more democratic processes.

Carmin Maffea

September 10, 2019

No, ‘Medicare for All’ Won’t Take Away Anyone’s Health Insurance

A broad spectrum of conservatives–from centrist Democrats to CNN hosts–love to say that ‘Medicare for All’ will take away your insurance. It is just a lie to shield the profits of the health insurance industry. 

Juan Cruz Ferre

August 14, 2019

Sanders, Warren Crush Opponents on Healthcare. On Immigration and Racism, Not So Much

Despite attacks, Sanders and Warren crushed their opponents in yesterday's debate, making an especially progressive argument for Medicare for All. However, on immigration and on race, Warren and Sanders left a lot to be desired.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

July 31, 2019

Abortion Access Will Only be Won Through a Broad Grassroots Movement

The attacks on abortion rights aren't new. Here, Anne Rumberger explains why we can't trust the Democrats, we have to build a movement for reproductive justice.

Anne Rumberger

May 21, 2019