Is Myanmar Heading Toward a Civil War?

For weeks now, Myanmar’s heroic youth and working class have defiantly organized their self-defense in the face of increased repression. Now that ethnic armed groups are joining the resistance, some political factions are proposing the formation of a federal army. These developments underscore the possibility of a full-blown civil war in Myanmar.

Myanmar Explodes in General Strike Against the Coup

Hundreds of thousands of workers and protesters took to the streets in Myanmar amidst threats of repression by the military government. Over the weekend, two people were killed by the police — a total of four have been killed since the movement against the coup began.

In Myanmar, Workers Are On the Front Lines of the Fight Against the Military Coup

For over two weeks, the working class, along with other popular sectors in Myanmar, have been organizing militant protests against the military coup that ousted the elected government of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Here, we present an interview with Stephen Campbell, an expert on the labor movement in Myanmar and Thailand.