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Is it a Betrayal for Podemos to Join the Spanish Government?

In the aftermath of the November 10 elections in the Spanish State, the left-wing Podemos party has agreed to join a government with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE. It is an alliance fraught with traps for the Spanish working-class.

Scott Cooper

November 25, 2019

Chile: Frente Amplio Joins Bourgeois Parties in “Social Peace” Agreement

Faced with more than a month of challenge to his regime’s very existence, Chilean President Piñera has rolled out the latest attempt to quell the revolt in the streets that has mobilized millions: a phony process to “revise" the constitution inherited from the Pinochet dictatorship while keeping himself in office and ensuring the continuation of bourgeois rule. And he has willing partners on the left: Frente Amplio has signed on, and the Communist Party is deep into the discussions with the murderous government, although the CP hasn’t yet gone so far as to sign the agreement officially.

Scott Cooper

November 18, 2019

Chile: “The policy of the Communist Party and the Frente Amplio is to negotiate with Piñera”

For the last two weeks, more than a million people have taken to the streets of Chile demanding the resignation of President Sebastián Piñera. The main forces of the reformist left, however, want to negotiate with the billionaire president. In an interview, Dauno Tótoro of the Revolutionary Workers Party (PTR) explains that the reformists’ policy is aimed at subverting the rebellion.

September 11 in Chile: How Reformism Disarmed the Working Class in the Face of CIA-Backed Coup

50 years ago today, Chile's democratic socialist president Salvador Allende was toppled in a bloody coup. A military dictatorship, backed by U.S. imperialism, murdered thousands and introduced a crushing form of neoliberal economics. Allende's experience shows why reformism is doomed to failure.

Nathaniel Flakin

September 11, 2019

Reform or Revolution, 2019 Edition

The old debate between Luxemburg and Bernstein is back: reform or revolution? But now it is Chris Maisano from the DSA and Jacobin defending electoral politics, while Tim Horras of the Philly Socialists argues for revolution and “base building.” Here, Juan Cruz Ferre of Left Voice explains why we need a revolutionary workers’ party.

Juan Cruz Ferre

July 28, 2019

Lenin, Kautsky, and the State

Did Lenin ever really break with Karl Kautsky? Lars Lih says no. But Lenin was clear about the need for the working class to smash the bourgeois state.

Christopher Baum

July 20, 2019

Socialists Need a Revolutionary Party

Socialism is resurgent in the United States. There are many illusions in reformism—especially in Bernie Sanders. But there are also opportunities for revolutionary socialists.  Reflections from the floor of the Socialism Conference in Chicago.

Nathaniel Flakin

July 7, 2019

Anti-Imperialism and Socialism—A Reply to Charlie Post

The struggle for consistent anti-imperialism is a question of the first order for the socialist movement. A contribution to the current debate about the legacy of Karl Kautsky, focusing on the concept of the “labor aristocracy.”

Matías Maiello

June 23, 2019

Reformism and Imperialism – A Reply to Matias Maiello

It is reformists’ fetish of the capitalist nation-state that leads them invariably to adapt to their “own” imperialism. This is a contribution to the ongoing debate about the legacy of Karl Kautsky.

Charlie Post

June 5, 2019