Republican Party

RNC Day 4: Donald J. Trump, the Crisis President

On the final night of the RNC, amid protests outside the White House, Trump and his parade of supporters painted him as a figure of stability in a chaotic political and economic landscape. Calling this election the “most important election in the history of our country,” Trump presented himself as the only solution to the many challenges facing the U.S. — from coronavirus, to China, to Joe Biden and the radical left.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence in grayscale on a background of red lights

RNC Day 3: The Battle of the Suburbs

The third night of the Republican National Convention was directed squarely at the suburban woman voter. This revealed both the Republican strategy for winning the upcoming election and the bankruptcy of identity politics.

Mike Pompeo making a speech

RNC Day 2: Gimme That Old Time Religion

The second night of the Republican National Convention was designed to shore up support among right-wing Christian and evangelical Republicans.

U.S. Imperialism Boosts Military Spending Amidst Cuts for the Working Class

With the recent passage of the $741 billion National Defense Authorization Act and even greater defense spending through the Senate Republicans’ proposed coronavirus relief package, the U.S. has unprecedented authority to attack the working class here and abroad instead of providing pandemic relief.

Racism Is Bipartisan

Bourgeois democracy and the two-party regime in the U.S. are key to sustaining racism.

Democrats and Republicans to the Rescue… of Corporations

Republicans and Democrats have agreed on an unprecedented $2 trillion stimulus package, much of it going to shore up corporate profitability. While hundreds of thousands are sick and dying from the Covid-19 pandemic, Congress makes clear again in whose interest it governs.