100 Years Ago in Berlin: Revolution and Counterrevolution in Germany

In the first days of the German Revolution, workers’ and soldiers’ councils formed across Germany. The Social Democrats allied with the military to save as much of the old order as they could. The Communists tried to organize the forces of the revolution. This fight came to a head at a national congress of the councils.

100 Years Ago in Berlin: German Revolutionaries Step on the Grass

According to an old joke, Germans will never make a revolution because that would require stepping on the grass. Yet 100 years ago, as the First World War drew to a close, the workers’ movement in Germany was preparing an insurrection against the kaiser and the capitalists. On November 9, 1918, the general strike began in Berlin—after years of preparation.

The Problem of Reformism

Revolutionaries have classically rejected the reformists’ political method of relying on the electoral/legislative process and the capitalist state. Here is why.

The Battles of the Trotskyist Fraction

This is the first of three articles that addresses the struggles of the groups in the Trotskyist Fraction to build revolutionary organizations centered in class struggle

The Politics of Rupture

In political theory and philosophy, especially leftist theory and philosophy, one not infrequently encounters the notion of ‘rupture.’ But what does a ‘rupture’ refer to, and why does it matter?

Blanqui and the Communist Enlightenment

Louis-Auguste Blanqui understood that bourgeois society is incapable of realizing the universalist principles of “liberté, égalité, fraternité” and that their fulfillment requires the establishment of communism.