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The Capitalists and their Economists Are at War Over Stimulus

Bourgeois economists, like the politicians they serve, are fighting over the Biden stimulus plan. Helping those of us who might get checks is not the aim. It’s a battle over the best way to rescue capitalism from another crisis of its own making.

Scott Cooper

January 31, 2021

A Better 2021: The Wishful Thinking of Bourgeois Economics Forecasts

Bourgeois economists acknowledge that while 2021 will be a more-or-less tough year for profits and exploitation, success is on the horizon. What’s really behind their forecasts?

Scott Cooper

January 1, 2021

Renowned Democratic Economist Spews That Helping People Will Hurt the Economy

Larry Summers, a longtime servant of capitalism, one of its most prominent economists, and a Biden transition adviser, delivered a Christmas message against giving even a penny in “stimulus” to working-class and poor people who are sinking into despair in the pandemic economy.

Scott Cooper

December 26, 2020