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Trans Rights

Trans Migrants: Defying Borders and Binaries

The first people in the migrant caravan to reach the US border was a group of LGBT migrants. How do we fight for the rights for trans migrants?

Tatiana Cozzarelli

November 20, 2018

From the US to Brazil: A Letter to Trans Siblings in Struggle

A trans socialist from the United States writes a letter to Brazilian activists in the wake of Bolsonaro's victory.

Tiffany K

November 20, 2018

[VIDEO] #WontBeErased

Trans liberation is everyone's liberation! Fight for trans rights!

Left Voice

November 4, 2018

Trans Rights Under Attack In Massachusetts

In November, Massachusetts residents will vote in a referendum on trans people’s rights to not be discriminated against in public accomodations.

Signý A.

October 13, 2018