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Vladimir Lenin

Corporatism is a Feature of Capitalism, not a Bug

Capitalism inevitably leads to billionaires and large corporations dominating all of society, because it is a system designed to funnel the wealth of the many to the few.

Signý A.

July 11, 2020

Juneteenth: A Marxist Perspective

This year’s commemoration of Juneteenth --- the day the last of the enslaved Black people in the United States were formally emancipated --- is also a reminder that the job of ending all forms of slavery is not yet finished. As Karl Marx wrote, we have nothing to lose but our chains and a world to win!

Scott Cooper

June 19, 2020

What Is To Be Done to Create Revolutionary Consciousness?

Do workers become revolutionary when they organize and struggle? Or does revolutionary consciousness come from outside the working class? Lots of debates — and lots of misunderstandings — revolve around Lenin's 1902 work "What Is To Be Done?"

Nathaniel Flakin

May 5, 2020

Revisting Lenin’s “What is to be Done?” After Bernie Sanders

There are a lot of reasons to ask ourselves "what is to be done?" The coronavirus pandemic, the economic crisis and the failure of the Sanders campaign have many socialists reaching for Lenin's classic. Here is a reflection on his classic text.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

April 22, 2020

Lenin Would Have Been a Beast on Twitter

On Lenin’s 150th birthday, we take a look at five of his most ruthless and memorable burns. While they aren’t quite within Twitter’s required length, we’re sure he’d have no trouble delivering the same scathing content in 280 characters or less.

Left Voice

April 22, 2020

The Revolution Is a Moment of Inspired Frenzy in History: Notes from Trotsky

How should revolutionaries organize, and what role does a party play? A party cannot simply "fatten up" until at some point it represents the entire working class. It has to insert itself into the class and be part of its victories and defeats.

Ariane Diaz

March 28, 2020

The Relevance of Lenin’s ‘State and Revolution’

Christian Castillo’s foreword to a new Spanish-language edition of The State and Revolution by V. I. Lenin, soon to be published by Ediciones IPS in Argentina.

Christian Castillo

February 24, 2020

How Would Lenin Solve the Housing Crisis?

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have both presented ambitious plans to solve the housing crisis in the U.S. They want to introduce rent controls and spend trillions on public housing. But, since they both believe in the free market, they intend to leave housing in the hands of private landlords. How would revolutionary socialists solve the housing crisis?

Nathaniel Flakin

December 2, 2019

Six “Spooky” Socialism Quotes to Enjoy on Halloween

It’s no secret. Marx and Marxists loved to use vivid and yes, spooky imagery: spectres, ghosts, rotting corpses and vampires. Here are six of our favorites. Send us your favorite spooky socialist quotes and we will update this article to include audience submissions. Contact us via email ([email protected]), Twitter (@left_voice) or send us a Facebook message!

Left Voice

October 31, 2019