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The Kids Want Communism: Interview With a Teenage Socialist

Young people across the country are marching for racial justice and embracing socialist ideas like never before. Here we interview one young activist from Northern California about how he became a socialist. 

Left Voice

June 3, 2020
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Photo: Luiz C. Ribeiro

If you go to any of the many protests around the country, you’ll see high schoolers and even younger people fighting for justice. Left Voice interviewed Alex Dillard, a student who described himself as “interested in the social struggles of our time.” Alex is attending protests to demand justice for George Floyd in Northern California.

What made you become a socialist? 

Well, this was a long process, I used to be a conservative who repeated conservative talking points in my class, or as they would call “the class conservative.” Through watching a series of YouTube videos and by talking to many Stalinists (whom I would later hate), I came to an understanding (a vague one) of Marxism. I later learned about legitimate Marxism through some of the works of Leon Trotsky, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and others who have written things that are entirely different from what Stalinists claim they have written. Now I know what Marxism really is. Marxism is a philosophy of liberation, not a dogma.

What do you think of the recent rebellions around the police murder of George Floyd?

I support all of the protests. The murder of an innocent African-American isn’t the entire reason why these are happening; it’s a much broader issue of policing and police brutality. The protests are the voice of the communities of People of Color saying NO to heavy policing and economic repression. This must end.

Why should young people participate in these demonstrations?

Because this is your goddamn future. The left of today really needs to get their act together for the struggle of tomorrow. Many leftist I have talked to who are young really need to give up their reformist attitude and need to recognize the importance of revolution.

What do you think is the future for you and people your age?

I believe it is a society in which people are recognized as human, rather than as a dollar sign. All of humanity must come first, as well as the environment. People must come before profit. We must not bow down to capitalism or any of its defenders. The future is a communist society in which there is no class, money, or state.

Why should teenagers become communists? 

Because communism is the ideology of liberation, the ideology of egalitarianism, and most importantly, the ideology of freedom. Communism stands for self determination of all nations. Communism stands for freedom for all people. Communism stands for democratized schools and democratized society. Under communism, you will have a say in everything that concerns your well being.

Why should people fight racism? 

Because racism is a systemic issue that has existed since the birth of this country. This country was founded on repression, slavery and inhuman atrocities. Anti-racism is an attempt to fix the injustices in capitalist society regarding racism. Racism is the opposite of communism in essence.

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