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The Women’s Movement We Fight For

Left Voice dossier for International Women’s Day.

Left Voice

March 8, 2018
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For International Women’s Day, Left Voice presents a dossier of articles explaining what kind of women’s movement we fight for. Drawing on the socialist women’s group Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses), we fight for a women’s movement that is anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, against all forms of oppression and rooted in the working class.

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What Women’s Movement?

Our Feminism Must be Anti-Capitalist: As preparations for the International Women’s Strike are underway in countries around the world, what strategy and what principles must a really liberatory feminism stand for?

Women Workers v. Intersectional Exploitation: Women CEO’s who break the glass ceiling are the enemies of their women employees.

Fight the Boss, Fight Sexism: We need a women’s movement that fights sexual harassment in the workplace, the site where many women experience it.

Equality in Law Does not Mean Equality in Life: Trans liberation is tied to a socialist feminist vision.


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day: Feminism and Workers Movements: How did International Women’s Day come about?

Women on Strike: Reclaiming Socialism for International Women’s Day: With the attacks on women’s rights under Trump and the continuing economic crisis, we must reclaim the socialist origins of International Women’s Day.

Rise up with Women of the World: For a feminism that fights all forms of oppression and exploitation!

The Bolsheviks and Women

Women in the Revolution, the Revolution in Women’s Lives: How did the Russian Revolution have an effect on women and what was the Bolshevik vision of women’s liberation?

Love and Socialism: How did the Russian revolutionary leader Alexandra Kollontai think about love? What kind of society did she and other Bolsheviks fight for?

Working-Class Women’s Experiences

Sexist Shaming Makes a Good Nurse: Sexism and sexual harassment are all too common in the nursing field.

The Price of Wonderland: Homeless Disney Worker Dies in Car: A Disney workers writes about her experiences working at Disney and a co-worker who died alone in her car.


Bread and Roses

This is What Socialist Feminism Looks Like: With work stoppages against sexual harassment, representatives in Congress and over five thousand socialist members, Bread and Roses (Pan y Rosas) is one of the largest socialist feminist women’s organizations in the world.

Bread and Roses International Manifesto: Read the Bread and Roses Manifesto, representing over eight counrties.

Socialist Feminism in Practice: Learning from Pan y Rosas: What can we learn from the experience of Pan y Rosas?

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Left Voice

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Gender & Sexuality

All That’s Left Podcast: Socialist Feminism and the Fight for Abortion Rights

In this episode, Tatiana Cozzarelli talks with New York abortion provider Angelique Saavedra to talk about the attacks on abortion rights and the way forward from a socialist feminist perspective.

Left Voice

May 26, 2022

Over 20,000 March in New York City for Abortion Rights

Thousands of people marched in New York City and around the country for abortion rights.

Left Voice

May 15, 2022

Nonprofit Professional Employees Union Condemns Attack on Abortion Rights

The Nonprofit Professional Employees Union's statement in defense of abortion rights.

Left Voice

May 10, 2022

CUNY for Abortion Rights

CUNY needs to stand up for abortion rights. Join us!

Left Voice

May 6, 2022


The NRA Exists to Keep Weapons Profits Booming and Guns in the Hands of the State and Right Wing

The NRA is holding its annual convention just days after the Uvalde school shooting. The group exists to protect gun industry profits and the state’s monopoly on violence, and keep guns in the hands of right-wingers.

Ezra Brain

May 27, 2022

Reading Rosa Luxemburg’s ‘Junius Pamphlet’ in Times of War

While she was in prison in 1915, Rosa Luxemburg wrote an underground pamphlet titled The Crisis of German Social Democracy. As war rages in Europe, this text has many important insights for socialists.

Nathaniel Flakin

May 26, 2022

Two Years After the George Floyd Uprising: A Changed Generation, An Unchanged System

George Floyd was murdered two years ago today. It set off a massive uprising that changed a generation.

Inflation: Wages versus Profits

Here, we publish Marxist economist Michael Roberts' analysis of the relationship between wages and profit in the inflationary environment of today.

Michael Roberts

May 25, 2022