The Women’s Movement We Fight For

Left Voice dossier for International Women's Day.
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  • March 8, 2018

For International Women’s Day, Left Voice presents a dossier of articles explaining what kind of women’s movement we fight for. Drawing on the socialist women’s group Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses), we fight for a women’s movement that is anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, against all forms of oppression and rooted in the working class.

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What Women’s Movement?

Our Feminism Must be Anti-Capitalist: As preparations for the International Women’s Strike are underway in countries around the world, what strategy and what principles must a really liberatory feminism stand for?

Women Workers v. Intersectional Exploitation: Women CEO’s who break the glass ceiling are the enemies of their women employees.

Fight the Boss, Fight Sexism: We need a women’s movement that fights sexual harassment in the workplace, the site where many women experience it.

Equality in Law Does not Mean Equality in Life: Trans liberation is tied to a socialist feminist vision.


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day: Feminism and Workers Movements: How did International Women’s Day come about?

Women on Strike: Reclaiming Socialism for International Women’s Day: With the attacks on women’s rights under Trump and the continuing economic crisis, we must reclaim the socialist origins of International Women’s Day.

Rise up with Women of the World: For a feminism that fights all forms of oppression and exploitation!

The Bolsheviks and Women

Women in the Revolution, the Revolution in Women’s Lives: How did the Russian Revolution have an effect on women and what was the Bolshevik vision of women’s liberation?

Love and Socialism: How did the Russian revolutionary leader Alexandra Kollontai think about love? What kind of society did she and other Bolsheviks fight for?

Working-Class Women’s Experiences

Sexist Shaming Makes a Good Nurse: Sexism and sexual harassment are all too common in the nursing field.

The Price of Wonderland: Homeless Disney Worker Dies in Car: A Disney workers writes about her experiences working at Disney and a co-worker who died alone in her car.


Bread and Roses

This is What Socialist Feminism Looks Like: With work stoppages against sexual harassment, representatives in Congress and over five thousand socialist members, Bread and Roses (Pan y Rosas) is one of the largest socialist feminist women’s organizations in the world.

Bread and Roses International Manifesto: Read the Bread and Roses Manifesto, representing over eight counrties.

Socialist Feminism in Practice: Learning from Pan y Rosas: What can we learn from the experience of Pan y Rosas?

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