Thessaloniki/Greece: Visit to the Vio.Me factory under workers’ control

  • Left Voice | 
  • May 26, 2013

Arriving at the Vio.Me plant in Thessaloniki. At the entrance to the factory, a poster advertising the public meeting to be held that afternoon, at which Raúl Godoy and a Vio.Me worker will be speaking

A tour around the factory with Vio.Me workers

Raúl Godoy points to a tile with a Mapuche pattern made in the Zanon factory on the wall of the Vio.Me plant

A fraternal exchange about the experiences of the Zanon and Vio.Me struggles, at which workers’ control as an alternative to closure was discussed. Raúl Godoy, foreground with a khaki FASINPAT shirt, talks to Vio.Me workers

Raúl Godoy, centre wearing a white cap, poses with Vio.Me workers for a group photo after four hours of exchanging experiences

A ‘symbolic hug’ between Zanon and Vio.Me

Public meeting at the Workers’ Centre in Thessaloniki on the afternoon of Friday 24 May, at which Raúl Godoy and a Vio.Me worker spoke

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