They have arrested a leader of the movement of the miners and former miners of Real del Monte!

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  • November 19, 2009

Today comrade Cirilo Hernandez Vazquez, Chairman of the Movement of Miners and Former Miners of Real del Monte Civil Association, was arrested in Pachuca, Hidalgo state, Mexico.

According to the first reports, comrade Cirilo is accused of plundering by the former Municipal Chairwoman of Real del Monte, owing to the just recovery of the plot of land, which is the inheritance of the union of these combative comrades, who have already been mobilizing for 4 years, fighting for decent pensions and for the right to social security.

Furthermore, they have taken an active role in the struggle of the electrical worker comrades of the SME in Pachuca, by participating entirely in the Real del Monte solidarity committee and in the National Assembly of Popular Resistance, which arose beginning with the struggle against the liquidation of Luz y Fuerza del Centro.

With this action, the governing caste is aiming to take away the miners’ inheritance and intimidate them so they will abandon their struggle; that is why there are more arrest warrants that could be carried out against other comrades.

Today, active solidarity with the comrades from Real del Monte, and especially with comrade Cirilo Hernandez, is more absolutely necessary than ever before; therefore, we are calling on our unions and political, social and democratic organizations to declare their support and join the actions that the movement will decide on.

Immediate and unconditional release of comrade Cirilo Hernandez Vazquez!

Stop the threats and repression against the movement of the miners and former miners of Real del Monte!

Solidarity with the just struggle of the miners and former miners of Real del Monte!

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