Today, three Trotskyists are taking office as National Deputies: Gathering and action at the Congress

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  • December 4, 2013

Today, beginning at 10 a.m., the three elected National Deputies from the Left and Workers’ Front (FIT) are being sworn in: Nicolás del Caño (Mendoza, PTS), Néstor Pitrola (Province of Buenos Aires, PO) and Pablo López (Salta, PO), while the seat for the Province of Córdoba continues in dispute, since the Supreme Court will have to deal with the request of the FIT, for the ballot boxes to be opened. The Deputies that are taking office have, in addition, presented a brief in the Chamber of Deputies challenging the entry of Diego Mestre, who is trying to enter the Lower Chamber by cheating the Left and Workers’ Front out of one parliamentary seat.

The fact that three Deputies that are Trotskyists will take office is unprecedented in the politics of Argentina.Nicolás del Caño, of the PTS, stated that “We are going to put our parliamentary seats at the service of the workers’ struggles against the employers, the government and the union bureaucracy. We are going to support the struggle to recover the unions, in order to confront austerity and the limits on wages that the government wants to impose. Our parliamentary seats will also be a platform and a rostrum, so that the struggle of the women’s movement against the clerical reform of the Civil Code and for the law that will guarantee legal, safe and free abortion, can be expressed.”

Del Caño also recalled yesterday: “The representatives of the Left and Workers’ Front have today presented before the Supreme Court a Special Appeal demanding that 2,160 ballot boxes in Córdoba, that contain abundant irregularities and that, up to now, left out our comrade Liliana Olivero, be opened. We also presented a similar appeal in the Chamber of Deputies, with all the precedents and grounds for our complaint.” Today, while the session where the Deputies will assume their parliamentary seats is taking place, the Left and Workers’ Front will hold a gathering on the outskirts of the Congress, from 11 a.m., to celebrate this event and to demand that the will of the voters of Córdoba be respected and that Deputy Liliana Olivero (Córdoba, Izquierda Socialista) be allowed to take office promptly.

Nicolás del Caño (0261) 470 6345 | @NicolasDelCano

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