Uribe, murderer of the workers and the poor people of Colombia, get out!

Uribe’s narco-paramilitary government, unconditional ally of US imperialism in Latin America, has been obtaining big victories in its repressive policy of “democratic security,” that is no more than the continuation of a systematic low-intensity civil war against the militant workers’, campesinos’ and popular organizations, and a position of destroying the insurgency. With the recent “rescue” of Ingrid Betancourt, the three Pentagon mercenaries and the 11 soldiers and cops that were in the hands of the FARC, Uribe has gotten a big political victory, that helps him get out of a severe political crisis that was very close to him, not only because of the confirmed relations of his party and his milieu with the paramilitaries (that has led dozens of legislators to court and/or prison), but also because it is confirmed that he bribed legislators so they would approve his reelection. It is in this context that Chávez, in his attempts to relocate himself in front of US imperialism, is making a change in his policy towards Uribe.

For their part, the FARC, prisoners of their own guerrilla strategy, have found themselves in a dead end, remote from the needs of struggle and mobilization of the workers and the poor people of Colombia, as well as prisoners of their own “armed reformism,” that ends up proposing a “government of national unity” with sectors of the Colombian bourgeoisie. Uribe’s government had been raining heavy blows on the FARC, to force them to unconditional surrender.

However, in spite of disagreeing with the method and strategy of the guerrillas, we revolutionary socialists do not at any moment put an equal sign between the actions of the guerrillas and systematic state terror, that has caused 4 million displaced people, thousands of tortured and murdered victims, hundreds of disappeared people, and the world record of murders of trade unionists. We revolutionaries defend the right of the FARC to be recognized as a belligerent force, and not because they might surrender or turn over their arms, but because they should subordinate themselves to the needs of revolutionary mobilization of the workers’ and popular movement.

Neither “friend” nor “brother”! Down with Chávez’ negotiations with Uribe!

What we defend is very far from the policy of Chávez, who went so far as to say that the FARC “is giving the empire excuses to threaten us,” showing a disgusting political “pragmatism,” as part of an attempt to extend bridges toward a possible future Democratic administration in the US, has declared that he would like to “work together” with the next US President, and is trying to show himself as a government that, beyond its anti-US and nationalist rhetoric, respects the regional order and the stability of the bourgeois regimes in Latin America. He wants to show that he is willing even to live together with the Colombian regime, in spite of its outrageous support for the US.

The “progressive” governments of the region like Chávez join the bourgeois chorus that denounces kidnapping but does not say a word about the hundreds of worker militants, campesinos, poor people and leftists that are rotting in the jails of the Colombian oligarchy. They call on the FARC to surrender because the FARC has ceased to be fashionable, [and they are] in reality disputing the right of the exploited to rebel against the military power of the bourgeois state, in this case, the Colombian state, advised and armed to the teeth by the US. With that same logic with which they question guerrilla warfare, they also dispute from workers’ and campesinos’ self-defense organizations, up to insurrection itself by the exploited. Because of all this, we cannot do less than express our firm solidarity with the Colombian workers, with the campesinos and the poor people of Colombia, and categorically denounce Chávez’ embraces and peace-making with this murderous regime.

Uribe, get out! Down with Plan Colombia!

For the release of all the activists, workers, campesinos and guerrillas imprisoned in the jails of Uribe and Bush!

US advisors and soldiers, get out of Colombia and Latin America!

For the unity of the workers and poor people of Latin America gainst imperialism and its servile governments!

Translation by Yosef M.


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Workers League for Socialism (LTS)

Workers League for Socialism (LTS)

The Workers League for Socialism (LTS) is the Venezuelan section of the Trotskyist Fraction — Fourth International.