VI Conference of the Trotskyst Faction for the Fourth International

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  • August 26, 2009

Delegations from our sister organizations in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela and France (including delegates of the ex group CRI) and Spain gathered in Buenos Aires last week to take part in the VI Conference of the Trotskyist Faction – Fourth International. The main topics discussed were the International situation, current tendencies in Latin America, the struggle for the Fourth International and ways to rebuild it, the national situation in the countries and party building in Argentina, Brazil, France, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, etc.). The main documents discussed were: “A year since the collapse of Lehmann Brothers: The situation of and perspectives for the world economy” and “The importance of the programme and our logic of construction”. In addition to this, the groups presented national reports there was a contribution on “The current situation in Latin-American” and “The struggle for the IV international and organic internationalism”. The comrades from France presented a document for discussion. This process of collective reflection and the contributions from the delegates allowed us not only to give greater depth to our arguments but also to verify the dynamic and development of the members of our organisations, mostly young, leading our work in different countries. We will present here a synthesis of the main discussions of the Conference.

The first year of the crisis

Honduras and the Tendencies in Latin America

The struggle for the Fourth International and the workers’ vanguard

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