Victory to Morelos teachers struggle!

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  • October 17, 2008

Long live the Morelos teachers’ struggle!

In recent days, the teachers, together with groups of workers, campesinos, the indigenous population and the people, were repressed on the highways and in the communities of Morelos state, by the cowardly action of the repressive forces, with helicopters, armored vehicles, clubs, and tear gas. Faced with this, the teachers and inhabitants of towns and communities bravely faced the police-military operation and showed that they are ready to fight to the end against the anti-education plans and against the Alianza por la Calidad de la Educación [ACE].

Dozens of arrested people and several people who disappeared, as well as more police and military raids against communities, is the result of the savage represison that seeks to protect the plans of the state and federal governments. In spite of this, the spirited sit-in by the teachers continues in the main square of Cuernavaca, and together with the indigenous people, campesinos, students and workers, they declare they will not retreat a single step.

It is time to show and increase solidarity and support for the teachers and the people of Morelos.

The sections of the CNTE throughout the country must now call a national solidarity strike. The teachers in the whole country must wage a united struggle, repudiating the ACE and for the removal of Elba Esther from office. Halt the repression! Down with the Governor!

We must not abandon our comrades from Morelos. The UNT and the SME must also call for immediate mobilization actions and a national strike in support of this heroic struggle. It is time for these unions, that present themselves as opponents of the government, to join this great movement; if we postpone the task of unifying the struggle, it could be too late. We must now strengthen the only struggle that is intimidating the government. If Section 19’s struggle is victorious, and they defeat the ACE in the state, it will more difficult for the government in its attempt to twist the arm of the other sections of the CNTE. In addition, that will strengthen the struggle against privatization of the energy industry, as well as defense of the contracts, and against the impoverishment of the working class, that will be intensified by the economic crisis. We will have a better chance of defeating the labor reform and reforms of the collective work contracts and of social security.

The broadest solidarity of all the workers’, social, human rights and political organizations is urgently needed, first of all, to demand the immediate and unconditional release of everyone who was arrested and the return, safe and sound, of everyone who disappeared.

Down with the ACE! Dismissal of the union boss Gordillo!

Down with the state of siege in Xoxocotla!

NATIONAL STRIKE of solidarity by the CNTE, the UNT and the SME!


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