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VIDEO: Turkey After the Failed Coup

Interview with Baran Serhad, Kurdish editor of Klasse gegen Klasse.

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On the evening of July 15, an attempted military coup against President Erdogan and the AKP government took place in Turkey.

Without question, this attempted coup is reactionary in character.

For this reason, we have to deal with the core of the topic: What does the attempted coup mean for the future of Erdogan’s regime, which is in crisis? What does it mean for the working class in Turkey and Kurdistan?

First of all, we must denounce Erdogan’s hypocritical character–when he presented himself as the representative of democracy. We know that Erdogan called for a military offensive and announced re-elections after last year’s parliamentary elections, which ended his government.

Now, Erdogan is eliminating leftist and Kurdish representatives from parliament, despite their being legitimately elected into office. His regime is hostile towards workers. From 2002 until today, 18,000 workers have died because of his neoliberal policies.

The barbarians of Daesh grew strong thanks to Erdogan’s financial and logistical support, allowing their expansion. His regime is based on the constitution of 1982, which was enacted by a military junta. In this sense, the AKP government has no legitimacy.

There are objective factors that have led the way to this attempted coup. Among them is the bankruptcy of the Erdogan regime’s foreign policy course and the increasing tightness of his domestic policies through nationalist and combative means.

The role of the Turkish state in Syria manifests itself mainly in making a reactionary civil war even more reactionary. His intervention, with the goal of gaining political and economic influence, ended in chaos.

After the attempt of a reactionary coup, the strong reaction will reign in the entire country, especially because the rebels received no support from imperialist actors and sectors of the bourgeoisie, Erdogan will confidently advance his aggression.

He will point towards the instability of bourgeois democracy and strongly emphasize his wish to implement a presidential regime.

Erdogan’s regime cannot be fought in a rotten bourgeois parliament, but can only be overcome by the organized working class in Turkey and Kurdistan and on a socialist foundation that results in the destruction of the bourgeois state.

Turkey: Erdogan's reactionary regime strengthens after failed coup – YouTube

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