Watch “Marx is Back”, Episode 3: State and Revolution

“Marx is Back” a mini-series about the Communist Manifesto is now on youtube. Subtitles available.
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  • June 1, 2017

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The executive of the modern state is nothing but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.

In this third episode of “Marx is Back”, Martin continues to read the Communist Manifesto and Marx meets with his co-workers to discuss the nature of the state in capitalist society. As the workers meet to combat lay-offs, they learn that the politicians and union bureaucrats are on one side and the working class must organize independently, on the other side.

Subtitles available

These videos have been used to discuss Marxism in unions and classrooms. If you use them, we would love to hear about how it went. Email us at [email protected]

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