We repudiate the Israeli massacre against the Palestinian people

  • Left Voice | 
  • December 28, 2008

(PTS, 27-12-08) Christian Castillo, national leader of the Partido de
los Trabajadores Socialistas (PTS), said that “with the
massacre of 200 Palestinians in Gaza, Israel shows again that it is a
terrorist state, which does not hesitate to bomb the civilian
population indiscriminately. It is a state that took the lead in
introducing the doctrine of ‘preventive war,’ the legalization of
torture and murder of its opponents without any judgment, something
that later Bush administration did itself.” He also
condemned “the complicit declarations made by the US and European Union imperialist governments, that want to turn the victims into
murderers. This is not surprising, since these are the same states
that maintain the colonial occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, among
other territories.”

In conclusion, Castillo stated that “the Palestinian people are one
of the most oppressed on the planet. One and a half million
Palestinians, those whom Israel seeks to crush with hunger and
terror, are crammed into the worst poverty, in the Gaza Strip, a
territory of scarcely 360 square kilometers. We from the PTS are in
complete solidarity with the Palestinians. There will be no peace in
the area until the oppression of the Palestinians is ended once and
for all, a matter that can only be achieved by expelling imperialism
from the region, ending the terrorist and colonial State of Israel
and setting up a workers’ and socialist Palestine where Arabs and
Jews may live in peace.”


Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas


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