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Who’s Who in Biden’s Corporate Cabinet

Here are some of the establishment Democrats taking time off from their corporate jobs and think-tank appointments to become officials in the Biden administration.

Kimberly Ann

January 26, 2021
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Photos of seven Biden cabinet nominees: Anthony Blinken, Janet Yellen, Jake Sullivan, Avril Haines, Alejandro Mayorkas, John Kerry and Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Image: The Guardian

President Biden has finally completed his dream team. After the shocking assault on the Capitol by right-wing extremists and fascist organizations, many establishment politicians, large corporations, and military officials have fallen behind the Biden-Harris administration, and many want to go “back to normal.” With Democrats in control of the House and Senate for the first time since 2008, Biden has chosen to fill his cabinet with a wide-ranging assortment of neoliberal establishment capitalists of every race, gender, and creed. 

Biden’s cabinet reflects a commitment to the corporate and imperialist interests of America, snubbing the progressive wing that funneled most of the grassroots energy and anger from the summer’s uprising into campaigning for him. He shows only a face-value commitment to the BLM protests demands: his cabinet has diversity in gender, race, and religion, but no diversity in politics. They are committed to protecting U.S. hegemony and big-business class interests. The coming days will be full of his nominees getting confirmed by the Democrat controlled House and Senate. With a corporate cabinet full of Democrat establishment rehashes from the Obama years, Biden is promising to go back to the normalcy that brought Trump to power four years ago.

We’ve created a short list highlighting what you should know about each new cabinet member. There is a lot more to say about each of these corporate shills, but we’ve compiled some of the most relevant information here.

White House Staff

Economic Policy

National Security


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Kimberly Ann

Kimberly is an educator and writer for Left Voice

United States

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