With 90% participation in the elections, the leadership of the ceramics workers’ Union of Neuquen has been renewed

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  • September 27, 2012

The Lista Marrón prevailed with an overwhelming 71% of the votes, compared to the Lista Gris.

Since 4:00 in the morning, we ceramics workers have taken another essential step in our history. We have put into practice another “revolutionary” aspect of our class-conscious statute: the freedom of tendencies and the representative character of tendencies in the Steering Committee. In an unprecedented act in a manufacturing and industrial union organization, minorities are able to form part of the leadership with 27.8% of the votes.

We are proud of being able to show the workers and the people our absolute confidence in our working class and its methods. This was so from the beginning of our struggle. For that reason, from the Lista Marrón (independents and the PTS), we carried out a big battle so that all the tendencies would enter our Workers’ Administration, freed from bosses and bureaucrats. We made a bet on filling our assemblies with positions and “with colors,” and so it turned out.

The step we have taken today is as important as the previous ones, like the recovery of the Shop Stewards’ Committee, of the Union, the seizure of Zanon, Del Valle and Stefani, the defense of the conquests in Neuquén Ceramics. The ceramics workers’ union comes out strengthened and with renewed militancy, in an election with extremely high participation, to continue contributing its efforts to our class.

Omar Villablanca (General Secretary, SOECN) 0299 – 154721962

Andrés Blanco (Assistant Secretary, SOECN) 0299 – 155226569

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