Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Every Single Day, I Dread Going to Work

A grocery store worker shares their perspective on being forced to work during a pandemic and the widespread fear gripping the public.
  • Left Voice | 
  • March 20, 2020
Image: Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle

I work at a grocery store and go to school full time. Every single day now, I dread going to work. It’s a nonstop influx of people buying out more and more random items every day. First it was hand sanitizer, and now it’s so many paper goods. The stores aren’t being given enough hours to give out from corporate, and they’re just more or less operating as if it’s normal time. It’s the slow time of year, but every day is lines twisting and turning, with no extra help at all to get through it. It’s like the busiest holidays of the year but every day. We don’t get paid extra for this and I’m just so much more exhausted. Everyone’s exhausted. Anytime I’m shopping for myself I can’t even bring myself to ask them how they’re doing because I can tell they’re miserable. I’m miserable too. There’s no end that any of us can foresee so it just fucking sucks every single day and people are increasingly less understanding and more rude to you. 


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