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Argentina: National Strike

Although the union leaders had prepared a passive strike, the left and the combative workers set road blocks to ensure a successful strike. Unions and workers are demanding the ceiling on salary increases set by the government be raised.

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Photo: La Izquierda Diario

Many workers are still debating the salary increases. There are many other demands in the workers movement as important as the salary increase. The working conditions are a good example, and we are still waiting for an answer about this issue.

The transportation strike is huge: no trains, no subways, no buses, no trucks or airplanes are working.

From 5 am, left parties and fighting unions organized road blocks at Panamericana, Pueyrredon Bridge and other highways that links surrounding areas to Buenos Aires city.

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(North) Panamericana road block is organized by sindicalismo de base (left rank-and-file delegates) and the left: Lear’s comision interna (shop floor commission), workers from Madyfrag (former Donnelley, today under workers’ administration) and Worldcolor, workers and fighting unionists from Kraft Foods, Stani and Pepsico. Left and Workers’ Front’s deputy, Nicolas del Caño, joined Panamericana’s road block today early morning. They have their own demands: stop layoffs and the illegal closing of Worldcolor and against union’s thugs in Lear.

(South) Pueyrredon Bridge (southern access to the Buenos Aires city) block from 5,30 am. Left parties, fighting unions from and comisiones internas (shop floor commission) from Coca Cola and Cresta Roja (food processing), public sector and teachers’s unions joined the road block. Shell, Calsa (food processing) and Honda workers will join the protest.

Road blocks have been set in different cities across Argentina.

PTS and Left and Workers’ Front’s legislators announced they will hold a press conference at Panamericana road block at 10 am.

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