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Dispatches from the West Bank

While Gaza faces bombardment, violence in the West Bank has also been escalating with little media attention. A Palestinian nurse from Nablus sends his dispatches from the West Bank chronicling the increasing targeting of and violence on Palestinians in this region.

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A man stands in the wreckage of a home in the West Bank.
Photo by Nasser Ishtayeh/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Jenin – West Bank

On November 17, 2023, three people in the West Bank were martyred and others were injured in a drone strike by the occupation targeting a group of citizens in the Jenin refugee camp, which has been under continuous invasion by occupation forces since the previous night. The Ministry of Health reported that the toll of the occupation’s aggression on Jenin is three martyrs and more than 15 injured, including four in critical condition. Eyewitnesses in the camp stated that a drone targeted a group of citizens in the Hawashin neighborhood of the camp, resulting in the martyrdom of three citizens and the injury of nine others with various wounds.

In the early morning, the occupation forces arrested a group of citizens from a house in the Jabariyat neighborhood in Jenin and detonated several vehicles. Local sources reported that the occupation forces invaded a house in the Jabariyat neighborhood, arresting a group of citizens and detonating several vehicles in the neighborhood.

The occupation had previously invaded the city and camp of Jenin, leading to intense confrontations with citizens. Two young men were seriously injured during the clashes, and all entrances to the city were closed off, isolating it from the surrounding towns and villages. Large Israeli forces, accompanied by special units and military bulldozers, entered the city from multiple axes, sparking clashes with young men.

The occupation forces spread out in several neighborhoods of the city and the surroundings of its camp, deploying snipers on the rooftops of several houses and buildings. Israeli forces imposed a siege on the city, entering with more than 80 military vehicles and bulldozers, firing bullets intensively and indiscriminately.

They raided neighborhoods such as Jabal Abu Zaher, Jabariyat, Khallet al-Souha, Talaat al-Ghubbaz, and the outskirts of the Jenin camp, as well as the vicinity of the district headquarters, Cinema Square, the Interior Square, the city center, Military Street, and Haifa Street. Israeli drones were flying over the city. There was a power outage in several neighborhoods in Jenin and the outskirts of the camp.

Israeli bulldozers began destroying infrastructure in the city and the camp’s outskirts, excavating streets, and causing damage to several citizens’ vehicles. They also resumed excavating Talaat al-Ghubbaz Street on the east side of the Jenin camp. Israeli forces disrupted communications in the city and its camp.

Confrontations erupted between citizens and occupation forces around Cinema Square, during which the occupation forces fired a barrage of tear gas canisters containing toxic substances. The occupation forces also invaded the vicinity of Jenin Governmental Hospital, stationed themselves there, and released a barrage of tear gas canisters containing toxic substances in the area, causing several citizens to suffer from suffocation due to inhaling the toxic gas.

TulKarm – West Bank

The latest Israeli aggression on the city and refugee camp of Tulkarm on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, caused extensive destruction of the streets, infrastructure, and properties of the residents. After 15 continuous hours of the occupation forces’ attack, citizens rushed to inspect the camp, only to be astonished by the scale of devastation and plunder in the streets, water and electricity lines, and sewage systems. Numerous homes and both private and public commercial facilities were destroyed.

Dozens of vehicles were seen crushed by Israeli bulldozers and vehicles in the camp and along Nablus Street adjacent to it. The occupation’s bulldozers destroyed the District Street in the city, near the southern entrance to the camp, as well as the Al-Maslakh Street extending to the camp’s eastern entrance, and the Open University Street adjacent to its northern entrance, in addition to destroying its main entrances and alleys.

The destruction reached homes and shops along the main street of the camp, UNRWA schools, and the Return Hall. Several were demolished after being targeted and bombed by missiles launched from drones. The occupation bulldozer also demolished the statue of the Key of Return, and the memorial statues for the martyrs Hamza Khreisheh and Samer al-Shafei in the Hanoun Square in the camp.

Seven young men were martyred during the aggression by the occupation’s bullets, including three during a missile strike from a drone. The number of injuries reached 18, with their conditions described as between serious and moderate. Four of them were transferred to hospitals in Nablus. Meanwhile, Israeli forces kidnapped injured individuals from an ambulance after intercepting and searching it.

With their martyrdom, the toll of martyrs in the Tulkarm Governorate since October 7th rises to 32. The occupation forces targeted the courtyard of Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital with tear gas canisters and a group of journalists covering the aggression on the Open University Street with sound bombs.

The hospital’s squares witnessed a gathering of hundreds of citizens who rushed to bid farewell to the martyrs amid slogans and angry national chants condemning the occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

Huwara – Nablus

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, settlers demanded the Israeli occupation government to erase the town of Hawara, south of Nablus, similar to their actions in the Gaza Strip. They insisted on not allowing commercial shops to open their doors along the main Hawara Street.

Settlers marched on the circumferential settlement road in south Nablus, set to open within a week. But the settlers also announced that they would continue passing through the main Hawara Street, despite the construction of this settlement road. The main Hawara Street has been closed – except to settlers – for about a month and a half, prohibiting the passage of vehicles with Palestinian plates and even Palestinian citizens walking on the main street. Any Palestinian violating this faces assault.

These aggressions follow a call in March 2023 for the erasure of the town of Hawara from existence by the extremist Minister of Finance in the Israeli occupation government, Bezalel Smotrich.

These extremist calls are part of a systematic policy aiming to worsen the conditions of the residents in Hawara, who face daily violations from the occupation and its settlers.

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