From the Picket Line: Alabama Coal Miners on Strike

Left Voice was on the ground in Alabama to report on and stand in solidarity with the more than 1,100 Warrior Met Coal Mine workers on strike. We spoke with many workers on the picket line about this struggle and the conditions they face at the mines.
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  • April 6, 2021
In the dark, striking miners hold up signs saying "No contract, no coal."
Photo: Luigi Morris

Last Thursday, over 1,100 workers at two coal mines and related facilities in Alabama went on strike. United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) issued the strike notice against Warrior Met Coal on behalf of the workers after negotiations over the latest contract failed.

From Amazon to Warrior Met, workers are waking up to the fact that they are essential and that the bosses quite literally profit off of their lives. Victories in these struggles will be invaluable examples of how the working class can rely on its own strength to fight back and fight for even a small portion of what it deserves.

The union and the company are in negotiation with management, and have reached a tentative agreement that will be announced to the workers today. They will have 48 hours to look at it before they vote to ratify on Friday. They will be on the picket lines until then.

Left Voice was on the ground to cover the strike. Below are our interview with workers.

Frances Wallace, an Amazon worker and activist, who was at the picket line in solidarity, spoke to us about the strike and why it is important for Amazon workers in Alabama to support this struggle.

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