Lear Video in Panamericana Highway shows how a Gendarmerie Chief attacks workers

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  • August 1, 2014

The following video shows a senior officer in the Argentine gendarmerie, Alberto Lopez Torales throwing himself against a car during a caravan protest. Lopez Toralez breaks the windshield and dents the car while other gendarmes kick the car.

This happened during a day of action in cities across Argentina to support the workers of Lear Corporation that were illegally fired a month ago. The workers, along with hundreds of activists, met at the factory entrance and started a caravan of cars from their workplace to the Labor Ministry.

After Lopez Torales pretends to be hit by the car, the activist driving the car is detained and held for more than 9 hours. A well-known prosecutor, Molina Pico brought charges against the activist for resisting authority and personal injury.

Lawyers from several human rights organizations are planning to sue Lopez Torales and are asking the government to identify the other gendarmes that participated in this criminal act.

The Argentine courts recently ruled in favor of the workers’ demands against their union’s national leader for forcing the expulsion of the local rank-and-file delegates in the factory. These delegates were among the more than 100 recently fired Lear workers. There has been a judge order to force the Labor Ministry to enforce the legal resolutions that require Lear to reinstate all dismissed workers.


Rubén Matu (Comisión Interna de Lear): (011) 15 5141 1868

Myriam Bregman: (011) 15 4170 2398 | @myriambregman |https://www.facebook.com/MyriamBregman.PTS

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