Mass demonstrations against the attacks from Rajoy’s government

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  • February 27, 2013

Carlos Muro, Clase contra Clase
Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Doctors, teachers, firefighters, workers from the private sector, unemployed workers, and students, yelling “Against the coup d’état by the markets, we owe nothing, we’re not paying,” demonstrated in more that 80 Spanish cities, with the support of more than 300 organizations. The massive demonstrations were called in opposition to the attacks from Mariano Rajoy’s government. Both in the public sector (healthcare and education, basically) and against the labor reform, that allows employers complete freedom to reduce wages and working conditions, eliminate agreements, implement massive layoffs, etc.

The so-called “Citizens’ Tide” brought together the different “tides” in the context of these harsh attacks. Throughout the last year and a half, the movements called “tides” have grown in the public sector, like the “Green Tide” in education, or the “White Tide” in the healthcare sector. The “Green Tide” was born after May 15 as a movement based on assemblies of delegates and activists, where educational workers tended to get mobilized in unity, overcoming the divisions of the unions, and winning the sympathy of parents and students. The same is true of the “White Tide,” that brings together different unions and healthcare workers, from physicians to nurses. Thus they have enormous popular support.

This February 23 was organized to coincide with the anniversary of the attempted coup d’état by Lieutenant Colonel Tejero in 1981, that marked the end of the so-called “Transition” and the beginning of this “democracy for the rich.” While they have been approving neoliberal plans against the workers and groups of the poor, many cases of corruption have been uncovered involving the government of Rajoy and the Partido Popular [PP], that directly implicate the Prime Minister himself. For that reason, it is not strange that chants like “Envelopes for them and budget cuts for us” are heard, referring to the envelopes with money, handed over by big businessmen, that the members of the PP were receiving.

One of the largest demonstrations in all of Spain took place in Madrid, with the presence of groups in struggle, like the Iberia [airline] workers, who are confronting the company’s plan to lay off 3,800 workers. Another one of the Tides that attended was the “Black Tide,” a miners’ delegation, as well as firefighters and the workers of Telemadrid.

“Freedom, freedom, [for] those arrested for struggling. February 23, release without charges” The government has been implementing a constant repressive policy in the face of the increasing protests of the working class and young people. In Madrid, 1,500 anti-riot cops had orders to intervene, using force indiscriminately, and, finally, 45 people were arrested on the night of February 23 (9 of them were minors). On the days that followed, the police arrested more than ten youths, members of the group of soccer fans of the Rayo Vallecano, “Bukaneros,” that usually display flags against the government during the games and bring together leftist youths, looking for them in their houses and workplaces, one by one. Faced with these events, it is necessary that all the unions, social and political organizations, that we confront the escalation of repression together.

* * *

Clase contra Clase in the mobilizations

By Carlos Muro

In Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, we militants of Clase contra Clase participated in this big convocation, by going through the streets in each city. The convergence of the different groups in the demonstration is a big step so that every struggle that emerges will not remain isolated. For that reason, we male and female comrades of Clase contra Clase are suggesting that it is necessary to promote the coordination and unity of the struggles underway, to organize solidarity and give mutual support in the face of new attacks, like the repressive attacks that the government could set up, in order to isolate them and defeat them.

February 27, 2013

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