“Mubarak has fallen. The whole regime, which serves the US and Israel, must go!”

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  • February 21, 2011

(Buenos Aires, 11-FEB-2011) Christian Castillo, national leader of the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (PTS), indicated that “Mubarak’s departure is a first victory obtained by the process of mobilizations begun January 25. The murderous dictator’s fall is a severe defeat for Obama, for the State of Israel, and for the regime of Saudi Arabia, all of which tried to support him at all costs. Against all the skeptics, it is a sign of the power of the mobilized masses, where not only the perseverance of the demonstrators in Liberation Square, but, above all, the strikes that began to bring the country to a standstill some days ago, and, in fact, were imposing a general strike against the dictatorship, were decisive.”

Castillo also indicated that “we welcome and we share the euphoria of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators that celebrated Mubarak’s fall. However, we warn that the transfer of power to the Army is a maneuver to try to keep standing as much as possible of this regime, which serves the imperialism of the US and that of the terrorist State of Israel. We must not forget that Mubarak himself comes from the army, which gets $1.5 billion from US imperialism. For our part, we are betting that the revolutionary process will continue to develop, and that the workers, the young people, the peasants and all the exploited Egyptians will take this first victory as an incentive to continue fighting to put an end to poverty, unemployment, and the entire regime that Mubarak headed, and, among other essential measures, break the siege of Gaza by opening the borders without restriction. In these forces lies the potential to transform Egypt and the whole region radically, and to end the oppression that the Palestinian people are suffering at the hands of the Zionist Israeli state. Power cannot remain in the hands of those who were representatives of the dictator; rather, power must pass to those who were the authors of his departure, the workers and the youth, the only way really to meet the demands of the exploited and oppressed. Yesterday, it was Tunisia; today, Egypt, and tomorrow will follow with Algeria, Jordan, and all the pro-imperialist regimes of the Middle East.”

Finally, Castillo denounced the government of Argentina: “Cristina’s government’s policy, which serves imperialism, deserves separate mention; Cristina, who refused to break off relations with the dictator Mubarak, following the policy dictated from Washington like a shadow follows a corpse.”

Press Secretariat of the PTS

Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas

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