Queers for Socialist Revolution: Join the Left Voice Contingent at the Queer Liberation March

  • Left Voice | 
  • June 16, 2021

During Pride month, we remember and celebrate the Stonewall uprising led by trans women of color against the police. Around the world, from Myanmar to Colombia, queer folks have been on the front lines of fighting against the government, austerity, and police repression. In the U.S., queer folks were at the forefront of last year’s Black Lives Matter uprising, showing that all our struggles are connected and that Black trans lives matter. Now, there is an ongoing onslaught of attacks against trans youth in schools, sports, and healthcare. We need a strong movement for queer liberation to fight back. During Pride month, all the corporations that hyper-exploit workers are now draping themselves in rainbow flags. But we know that rainbow capitalism is just a cynical ploy to erase our radical history and make a profit from our struggle. We know that corporations, alongside the Democrats, will give lip service to our struggles while upholding the systems of exploitation and oppression that hurt queer people, especially queer people of color. Pride began as a struggle against state violence and it must continue as a fundamental struggle against the capitalist state. Cops, corporations, and capitalist politicians have no place at Pride. That’s why we are queers for socialist revolution.

Revolution is the only way to truly end the system of oppression and violence that queer people suffer under. Because of this, we are proud to be marching as part of the Queer Liberation March in NYC and we want you to march with us!

We will announce the exact meeting location as the date gets closer. RSVP to this event to get more information. And sign up for updates here.

Down With Rainbow Capitalism! Queers for Socialist Revolution!

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