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A state that survives by blood and fire

The brutal military deployment on the Gaza Strip illustrates a recurrent practice of the State of Israel over Palestine during more than 50 years of colonial occupation. The Palestinian people have the legitimate right to exercise self-defense against aggression by the State of Israel, in pursuit of their liberation. Moshe Dayan, the Israeli general who […]

Left Voice

July 8, 2006

Let us stop the brutal aggression by Israel against the Palestinian people

For a week the State of Israel has been carrying out a military incursion in Palestine. During the last few days Prime Minister Olmert has declared that he will continue and broaden their offensive. On Wednesday, July 5, Israeli troops began to occupy northern Gaza, and the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior was shelled. At […]

Left Voice

July 8, 2006

Brutal Invasion of Gaza by the State of Israel

After threats and a 48-hour ultimatum to free the Israeli soldier kidnapped last Sunday by a Palestinian team from the military arm of Hamas and other resistance groups on the Gaza Strip border, the promise of an “extensive and prolonged military operation” by the Zionist state began to be fulfilled during the final hours of […]

Left Voice

July 2, 2006

The high price of Blair and Bush’s imperialist policies

On July 7th, during the morning rush hour when millions of people were travelling to their places of work or study, the centre of London was rocked by a series of bomb blasts on the public transport system – three on the underground and one on a bus. At the time of writing the official […]

A balance sheet of the political strategies of the left

Introduction In the previous issues of Estrategia Internacional we pointed out that the situation in Argentina was characterized by a crisis of bourgeois hegemony, with the political institutions of the regime questioned by the mass movement and the ruling class was mired by internecine disputes.In this historical crisis, however, none of the classes or class […]

Jorge Sanmartino

January 1, 2003

The war in the Balkans and the international situation

Introduction On March 24 this year NATO bombs and cruise missiles started to rain down the Yugoslav territory. The war would rage for almost three months. As it unfolded, the world witnessed the various acts of the drama: the devastation of Serbia from the air, Milosevic’s ethnic cleansing, the flood tide of Kosovar refugees, the […]

Juan Chingo

July 1, 1999

Polemic with the LIT and the Theoretical Legacy of Nahuel Moreno

This work is the systematization of a debate that began two years ago at the cadre school of the Workers Party for Socialism (PTS). It is important in that it has allowed us to homogeneously develop a critical vision of our own political-theoretical past: drawing both a clear line of demarcation between ourselves and the “Morenista” current of the Trotskyist movement that we have come from, and at the same time reclaiming what we think is the method and theory of Leon Trotsky.

[Dossier] “The Crisis of the Revolution and the Tasks of the Proletariat” (previously unpublished)

NOTE: This is the third of three linked documents on Left Oppositionists in a Russian Prison. The brief introductory reading guide is here. The political introduction to the series of three is here. An academic article explaining the origin of the prison text is here. We present, for the first time in English, translated from […]

Left Voice

January 1, 1917

[Dossier] The Struggle of the Trotskyists in the Soviet Union: An Alternative to Stalinism

NOTE: This is the first of three linked documents on Left Oppositionists in a Russian Prison. The brief introductory reading guide is here. An academic article explaining the origin of the prison text is here. The final document — the text from the imprisoned Left Oppositionists in the 1930s — is here. This year is […]

Guillermo Iturbide

January 1, 1917