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Chávez and the communications media

We publish below a letter that a comrade sent us, the editorial staff of La Verdad Obrera, and the reply by Milton D’León, from the Juventud de Izquierda Revolucionaria (JIR), on the non-renewal of RCTV’s license and the policy we revolutionaries ought to raise. In his question, the comrade only raises two possible alternatives: supporting […]

Left Voice

July 9, 2007

On the Confrontations in Gaza and the West

Down with the economic, political and military blockade of Gaza and the democratically elected government of Hamas! No separation of Gaza and the West Down with the collaborationist leadership of Abbas, agent of the Zionist state of Israel and the United States! Imperialists out of Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and the whole Middle East. On Thursday, […]

Left Voice

July 8, 2007

Zanon: Workers’ management and the energy crisis

The assemblies decide: Raúl Godoy, assistant secretary of the ceramics workers’ union of Neuquén (SOECN) and a worker at Zanon, a factory under workers’ control, gives us answers about the proposals by the ceramics workers, faced with the energy crisis, and about the invited article they published in the regional dailies. How is the energy […]

Left Voice

July 3, 2007

The significance of the struggle of Sanitarios Maracay and the strike in Aragua?

As we have amply described in this issue, on Tuesday, May 22, a big sector of industrial workers of Aragua state brought its activities to a standstill, going out into the streets, blocking almost all the nerve centers of the state. This strike led by the workers of Sanitarios Maracay and C-CURA [a tendency in […]

Left Voice

July 3, 2007

Workers’ plan of struggle

For the struggle for wages and the workers’ demands, the COB and the unions should promote a workers’ plan of struggle Legal recourse of the businessmen against the 5% raise in the private sector, docking the pay of health and educational workers for the days on strike, ordered by Evo Morales, the total failure of […]

Left Voice

July 2, 2007

Where is Mexico going?

Recently, Calderón presented a plan up to the year 2030. Before the most “exclusive” of the businessmen, he appeared as a guarantor of stability of capitalist businesses, not only during his term, but for the next … 23 years. The PAN government thus appears as the most organic representative of the reactionary “order” that the […]

Left Voice

June 19, 2007

Witch-hunt against activists and the left

The meeting of the Group of Eight (G8), from which, according to surveys, 75% of the population of Germany “expects nothing,” has found itself accompanied by protest actions that responded to an unprecedented escalation of repression. The witch-hunt is part of a cynically named strategy of “pacification” by the government, the courts and the cops, […]

Left Voice

June 9, 2007

On Chávez’s Actions Against RCTV

By Juventud de Izquierda Revolucionaria (public faction of the PRS), from Caracas The major media throughout the world and especially the CNN media chain are seizing upon Chávez’s measure to cancel the license of the right-wing opposition-controlled RCTV television station to launch an attack campaign on Venezuela masked behind the banner of “freedom of the […]

Left Voice

June 8, 2007

Student occupation in São Paulo

Not the threats of repression, nor the reactionary media campaign by the bourgeoisie, nor pressure by la Rectora [the Dean], managed to take down the occupation of the Rector’s Office promoted by the students on strike in the University of São Paulo (USP). Since May 3, the property of the Rector’s Office has become the […]

Left Voice

May 29, 2007