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“We Want to Live!” The Battle Cry of Mexico’s Maquila Workers

Maquilas are being open due to pressure from the Trump administration. But it is still extremely unsafe and hundreds of workers are dying of the coronavirus.

Eli Kawy

May 26, 2020

Converting Production for Public Health: The Case of The Mexican Auto Industry

The automobile industry, one of Mexico’s most modern and dynamic, has been hard hit by Covid-19, resulting in layoffs and shutdowns. The industry in the United States and Canada is facing the same situation, as well as in China, which is a leading parts supplier. This article explores the background of the crisis and offers a perspective in the framework of the pandemic.

Pablo Oprinari

April 13, 2020

AMLO’s First Hundred Days and the Awakening of Workers’ Struggles in Mexico

AMLO has promised to transform Mexico, but only the working class has the power to bring about real change.

Pablo Oprinari

April 9, 2019

[VIDEO] The Maquila Strike in Matamoros Challenges US Multinationals

More than seventy thousand maquila workers in northern Mexico are striking against poverty wages.

Jimena Vergara

January 23, 2019

Over 40 Maquila Factories on Strike in Mexico

More than seventy thousand maquila workers in northern Mexico are fighting for salary increases and the payment of annual bonuses among other demands.

Óscar Fernández

January 17, 2019