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Washington and ‘Chapo’ Guzman’s ‘Great Escape’

Distrust of the Mexican regime was expressed in social networks since there are signs that this “escape” could not have been done without collusion with the government.

Sergio Moissen

July 20, 2015
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Photo: La Izquierda Diario Mexico

Spanish version from La Izquierda Diario Mexico, July 14, 2015.

On Sunday, July 12, people in Mexico woke up to the news that “Chapo”Joaquin Guzman Loera, Sinaloa’s Cartel leader, considered the main boss of Mexican Narcotraffic, escaped for the second time from a maximum security prison.
Distrust of the Mexican regime was expressed in social networks since there are signs that this “escape” could not have been done without collusion with some sectors of the government.

The “great escape” is a further blow to Peña Nieto since he keeps losing credibility. In a country where 43 normalistas (teacher students) Ayotzinapa have disappeared, the big drug lords “surprisingly” can escape criminal “maximum security” without anyone noticing.

The New York Times describes the event as the “great escape” that significantly reduces the credibility of the Mexican government. They noted that this “escape,” “feeds on Mexico’s deep cynicism about the direction of the country and its institutions of corruption and death.” For the reporters, Azam Ahmed and Ranald Archimold, the “escape” of the drug lord indicates that the Mexican government is unable to control drug trafficking.

The Times cites statements from the Business Coordinating Council, the main capitalist chamber in the country: “We call on the executive, legislature, and judiciary branches, as well as all the government’s sectors to return to work ensuring public safety for the Mexican citizens. The combination of corruption and impunity should not cast doubt on the need for the advancement of progressive reforms.” It’s the heavy hand of entrepreneurs against the government who want to accelerate the “structural reforms” that put the country in the hands of imperialism.

The Washington Post reports that the second “escape” is a sign of “weakness” from the Mexican government in the fight against organized crime.

Strengthening the bonds of imperialist domination

Both publishers reported on the desire of the United States in helping to “capture” Chapo Guzman. In a brief statement, the government said in the voice of Loretta Lynch, attorney general, that the government is “ready” to work with the Mexican government in order to provide assistance. Moreover, Arely Gómez González, head of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) personally spoke with Loretta Lynch.

Meanwhile, the upset Chicago’ government proposed that every drug cartel’s leader arrested in Mexico should be immediately extradited to the United States. The Chicago Crime Commission has only “appointed” as public enemies two people: Al Capone in 1930 and Chapo Guzman in 2013.

Loretta Lynch’s statements should be read as an offering of more militarization and interference by the imperialist security apparatus in our country and perhaps in advance of a possible militarization of the country.

The United States has openly used the reactionary pretext of the drug trafficking phenomenon to implement a strategic plan of dispossession and increase in diplomatic,political and military ties between the Mexican state with the policy of the National Security of the White House.

Mexico receives millions of dollars in aid for the militarization of the country through the Merida Initiative plan and SPP ( Prosperity Partnership of North America), which increased the interference of the United States in Mexico in military and national security matters.

In 2013, the Mexican government received over $1.2 million, approved by the United States Congress in accordance with the Plan Merida under the name of “aid” to the Armed Forces.
As we argued earlier: “This war, at the same time, is a big deal for US arms companies. The arms industry of the United States benefits each year with $ 127 million for its “exports” to the southern neighbor.”

On April, Peña Nieto passed a the New Explosives Act, allowing agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to enter national territory under the direction of the Mexican Army.

It is the militarization of the country, under the pretext of combating organized crime, which has sparked a human rights crisis. In Mexico, 200 thousand people have died, more than 25 thousand people have gone missing, and a million people have been displaced as a result of the war on drugs. The militarization also serves to contain and suppress social unrest.

Translation Laura Arguello.

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