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Where do our missing daughters go?

There are a lot of reasons why a loved one goes missing, because of age(children and elders), because of deceases, illiteracy, abduction of a minor by a former partner or more often than not they decide to leave by their own “will”.

Left Voice

May 21, 2015
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There are a lot of reasons why a loved one goes missing, because of age(children and elders), because of deceases, illiteracy, abduction of a minor by a former partner or more often than not they decide to leave by their own "will".

Photo: @EnfoqueRojoph ,specially for La Izquierda Diario.
Tribute to the missing women and children. Cotton field in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua during the “Caravana Del Consuelo” (caravan of comfort) led by Javier Sicilia on 2011.

Spanish version, May 5th, 2015

Why do thousands of women and children go missing after just going to the supermarket, a store or never return home after work?

Everybody knows Ciudad Juarez has been entrenched in a fight against femicide for more than 20 years.

Lead by the brave and bold Madres de Juarez (Juarez moms), they’ve been pushed to organize in order to bring justice to the murderers of their daughters. In light of a complete lack of response and downright indifference by the government’s part and it’s institutions, which presidential term after presidential term have been looking the other way to this and many more issues.

It’s been clear for years now that the organized crime has expanded their gains with their incursion into the market of human trafficking.

Kidnapping women for sexual exploitation has become the third most lucrative business right under drug trafficking.

How come thousands of women and children are murdered and disappeared all along the Mexican territory without the federal or local government doing anything about it?

Recently the newspaper Nortedigital reported the capture of Manuel Vital Anguiano and another 5 suspects accused of the forced disappearance and murder of 11 women.

They used a fake job offers on a “store” as a way of luring young women to later disappear them. Two of the survivors testified on an Oral Tribunal against Manuel Vital Anguiano A.K.A “Don Many” claiming they worked for him.

He himself admitted on his first declaration that from 2003 to 2011, he “hooked” these women, whom were never heard of again, with promises of work on his store.

Missing people or forced disappearances?

It has been more than 6 months since Mexico is demanding the appearance of the 43 missing normalistas (students teachers) from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero.

Since last year’s October thousands of people all around the world have demonstrated in the streets to express their accumulated discontent against the Mexican state and its political parties which are without a doubt responsible for this and several more crimes.

Felipe Calderon, president for the last term and head of the PAN party (Party for National Action) led a false “war against drugs” militarizing significant parts of the country, leaving thousands of deaths, an increase in violence against women and pushing entire communities out of their homes.

Three years have passed since the return of the old PRI (Party for the Institutional Revolution) to power and there has been no difference.

We have heard of an increasing amount of massacres perpetrated by the military and federal police, so we can’t just think about simple disappearances, we can’t just say that seven women die every day in Mexico; taken away from their families into a life of sexual exploitation.

We have to think about the very capitalist system we live in that treats the poor and the women as if they where inferior, while protecting the rich and powerful.

How can we talk of trying the trafficking criminals when the politicians are just as involved, just as guilty?

Like the case of Gutiérrez de la Torre, a PRI leader in Mexico City who was exonerated from charges raised against him about his involvement in this webs of human trafficking.

We are getting closer to the midterm elections that will be held this June 7th, where millions of pesos are being wasted on political campaigns for the state’s parties to try to channel the discontent and appear as a legitimate option for the people.

None of the official parties offer any real solution for the terrible conditions faced by the poorest sectors of the countries and most of all, the women and children who suffer the worst kinds of violence.

None of them will answer the demands of better working conditions from the San Quintin’s farmers, who pick up the berries sold around the world for a very little pay.

They don’t represent us.

They are parasites with a long list of unpunished abuses that are only working to approve anti-working class and anti-popular laws and reforms.

Translation by Paolo Guerrero

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